Male Alpaca For Sale

We have years of experience as alpaca breeders and would love to answer any questions you may have about of our alpacas for sale. Give us a call today at 508-642-3767 or send an email to [email protected] and we will gladly assist you!


Brees is pure white with very soft and dense fleece and has a large frame.

ARI# – 31705998 | Color: White | DOB: 7/27/10

Sale Price – $5,000


Brees has very fine, soft, dense fleece and has a lot of crimp in his fiber.  He has taken either 1st or 2nd in spin-offs and was 4th at the Big E in 2009. He has a wonderful temperament and easy to handle.

ARI# – 30636194 | Color: White | AFD: 20.5 | DOB: 7/27/10

Sale Price – $5,000


Snowball is all white with good crimp and and coverage, has done very well in spin-offs around the country and has a good disposition

ARI# – 30636224 | Color: White | AFD: 22 | DOB: 6/20/08

Sale Price – $5,000


Midnight is true black with great head coverage and very soft fleece.

ARI# – 3661490 | Color: True Black |  DOB: 8/17/10

Sale Price – $2,000


Sam is true black with great fleece. He has a first and second in the spin-offs he has entered.

ARI# – 31536448 | Color: True Black | AFD: 22.3 | DOB: 8/17/10

Sale Price – $500


Peyton has good brightness and crimpness to his fiber as well as fineness.  He could be also be upgrade to herdsire.

ARI# – 31536431| Color: White | AFD: 21.6 | DOB: 6/18/08

Sale Price – $500


Redstone is medium fawn with very soft and crimpy fleece, he placed 4th at the Big E in 2009.

ARI# – 31536424| Color: Fawn | AFD: 22.7 | DOB: 6/2/08

Sale Price – $500


Brady is a big boy with very fine and dense fleece, he is extremely easy to handle.

ARI# – 30805200| Color: White | AFD: 21.2 | DOB: 7/18/06

Sale Price – $500